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Frequently asked questions:

Thank you of course, but I am aware of all the latest trends and know on what you can earn, and what not. So do not bother and do not send me these tips
This kind of letter I read, but not all answer. You can get an answer if your proposal will interest me. I'm not interested in MLM, pyramid schemes and illegal activities.
If it is in my jurisdiction, then of course I can, but not for free. My time is expensive, and I appreciate it. Therefore, if you need my help, go to the "Consulting" and serve an application there.
I, of course, can give advice, but if it does not take more than 5 minutes to send you a response. If longer, then my advice to you is - sign up for consultation.
If you bought me a paid product, just below there is a special form where you want to write questions. In this form, I do not answer such questions
If your information is really interested in me, you will get an answer within 24 hours.