How do you find out what websites refer to your competitors?

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Today I would like to raise an interesting subject.

In a previous article I wrote how to get the page in the TOP 10 in 24 hours, but it does not work so easy with every article. If this is  a midrange request with high competition, after the above steps it will be stuck in the 30-40 place. The net effect will be null.

But you will not have to be upset in this situation, you just need to put more effort into promoting. You need to build link mass on this page. You can go to Gogetlinks (I will explain this in a future article) and start buying links on given page, and it will start to rise.

How to put the website in the TOP 10 in 24 hours

I will make an important remark right away. You can put the website in the TOP 10 only on the "low-frequency" (LF) and "low competitive" (LC) request.

You will not be able to promote the "highly competitive" requests that way. They tend to stop in 30th-50th place, and you can put them higher only by building link mass and behavioral factors.

So, here is this simple technique.

1.    Select a request for promotion

What kind of website is considered to be of high quality from the standpoint of Google and Yandex?

In the last article, I named 10 critical errors for which your website can get under the Google- filter and, in most cases, and Yandex-filter.

But avoiding these mistakes still does not guarantee your website a lot of visitors.

Now I want to show you what website is considered to be of high quality from the standpoint of search engines. If you have such a site, there is a high probability that one day it will take its deserved place in the TOP-10.

Let’s analyze the main indicators of website quality:

What may lead your website to the penalty from Google? 10 fatal mistakes!


Do you want to know what your website can get under the Google-filter for? No? Read on! The 10 most common mistakes:

1.Unnatural link mass;

Other people should leave links that lead to your website. Now the search engines understand clearly which links are purchased and which are not. Spam links to your site on other blogs and forums will not do you any good as well.

Solution: You need to buy links incrementally and at the same time to provoke customers to leave the real links to your website. In this case, your website does not fall out of favor with the search engine.

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