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Do you want to know what your website can get under the Google-filter for? No? Read on! The 10 most common mistakes:

1. Unnatural link mass

Other people should leave links that lead to your website. Now the search engines understand clearly which links are purchased and which are not. Spam links to your site on other blogs and forums will not do you any good as well.

Solution: You need to buy links incrementally and at the same time to provoke customers to leave the real links to your website. In this case, your website does not fall out of favor with the search engine.

2. Hidden text (cloaking)

This is the text that visitors cannot see, but it, in fact, is, and Google sees it. This is often done to avoid writing a large sheet of text for the user, but at the same time to be in the TOP of a specific request because articles that contain less than 3000 characters often do not get into the TOP.

Solution: Just do not do it.

3. Pilfered / duplicate content 

Your texts on the website must be unique. Of course, you can take articles from other websites, but their number should not prevail 20-30% of all your texts. If the program show less than 80% of the uniqueness, you will have to rewrite the article a little to pass this threshold.

Also avoid duplication of content on your website.

Do not make the same headlines.

Close the module with the announcement of the content from indexing.

Do not allow to place your articles on other websites without links to the source.

4. Numerous advertising 

Firstly, numerous advertising harms the sales on your website. But if you have a content website, and you do not sell anything from there, the ads may annoy your visitors, and people will just go away.

As a result, the number of refusals will increase and your site will fall from the TOP.

5. The abuse of keywords 

How do you know how many keywords should be in a particular case? Basic. We need to analyze the TOP that goes with the request of the given word in a search engine. Go to SEMrush. Enter a keyword and see the major competitors in the TOP 10:

I entered the keyword «Joomla». As you can see, the number of entries of the key phrase has the average number of 35 at characters number of 4639.

Solution: Always look at your competitors from the TOP 10 and use as many keywords as they do and no more!

6. Falsification in Google Maps 

Do not use Google Maps for reviews and ratings falsification. Sanctions from Google will be immediate.

7. Creating a network of satellites 

They are a few websites created by you for the promotion of a single website.

The effectiveness of these networks decreases every year. Google more accurately defines them and punish their owner: gives for the main website lower rank in the search results and removes the satellites from the index.

8. Content spinning 

Spinning makes the insertion of tags into a particular article. Spinning can change the words and sentences, creating modified versions of your original article.

The purpose of content spinning - to make different versions of the same article, to avoid penalties for duplicate content.

Example of insertion of spinning tags: {Creation | Development} of sites is {complex | not a simple} process for the {novice | beginner}, but everyone can learn it.

Spinning-software recognizes the text between the brackets ({}) and selects one of the keywords in brackets.

9. Selling of links 

If you sell links from your website, Google will quickly find it out, give you lower rank in the search result and reduce the PR. This is quite the reverse side of an opportunity to gain profit from your website.

10. Development of several websites for a single company to take multiple positions in the search results 

If your company has multiple websites, you need to be sure each of them has different contact details: phone number, e-mail and physical address. If Google sees that all websites are yours, it can remove all of them from the search results.

If you know other actions that may force Google to put a filter on your website, write them in the comments.

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