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I will make an important remark right away. You can put the website in the TOP 10 only on the "low-frequency" (LF) and "low competitive" (LC) request.

You will not be able to promote the "highly competitive" requests that way. They tend to stop in 30th-50th place, and you can put them higher only by building link mass and behavioral factors.

So, here is this simple technique.

1. Select a request for promotion

If you do not know what word to choose, I will tell you where to find it. The service SEMrush is very convenient for it.

And look due to what word it is in the TOP 10 and which of them are in the TOP 10.

1. Once you chose the word, you need to write an article on this subject.

I will not teach you how to write articles. You can write them yourself or find some freelancers.

The requirement for the text to be in the TOP 10:

1.1 The size of 3500-5000 characters

1.2 Uniqueness of 90-100%

1.3 No misspellings

Once the text is written, you need to check it on the above requirements and publish it:

Then you need to optimize the article technically.

I use the service SEMrush for checking.

And keep optimizing the page until you see the following inscription:

2. Accelerate the indexing of the article and protect it against copying.

To get the best result as possible, it is necessary to make the search engine to go to a new page as quickly as possible. Right after publication, I do the following steps:​

2.2 And add the link to the article in groups in social networks (if you have any).

That is all! We will wait for 1-2 days and waiting for the desired result.

To check whether the page is published in the TOP, you can simply type a key request in the search of Google or Yandex and find your website in the TOP 10.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer in the comments.

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