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Hello, friends.

Today I would like to raise an interesting subject.

In a previous article I wrote how to get the page in the TOP 10 in 24 hours, but it does not work so easy with every article. If this is  a midrange request with high competition, after the above steps it will be stuck in the 30-40 place. The net effect will be null.

But you will not have to be upset in this situation, you just need to put more effort into promoting. You need to build link mass on this page. You can go to PRnews (I will explain this in a future article) and start buying links on given page, and it will start to rise.

But if you want to understand, why other pages are situated above your page in search results, you need to understand what links may be on the pages in the TOP 10. This is logical because the article itself is optimized and relevant, so the question here in the links.

How do you know which links are going to compete pages?

The service SEMrush can help in this matter. I must say that it is not free, but it is the money worth and very useful to the optimizer. Let's look at what needs to be done. We will choose the article that could not reach up to TOP 10.

From this table, we can find out:

  1.  The date and time of the appearance of link
  2.  The relative weight that it transmits
  3.  How many "likes" on this page (if it is popular)
  4.  Others.

Visiting the page, we can evaluate the following parameters:

  1. The advertising link - purchased or natural (can be determined purely visually)
  2. How valuable site is (PR, Alexa)

You can easily find these indicators with the following extension for Chrome.

The higher it is, the more valuable the link is.

What do we get as a result?

As a result of this test we can find interesting websites where we can put a link to our webpage and get it higher. These are the links:

  • 1. From forums
  • 2. From portals
  • 3. From ratings
  • 4. From directories
  • 5. From other places

You can get free (or paid) links to your page, which your competitors are already using.

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