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Hello, dear reader!

To get started, answer the following questions:

  1. What are the goals of your website?
  2. What do you expect from visitors? What actions on the website does he have to do?
  3. What is your average conversion on the website?
  4. How much profit do you get from your website?
  5. What advertising platforms (where you place your ads) bring you the most customers?

Is it difficult for you to answer at least one of the above-mentioned questions? This means that you work not quite well with your website, and it is not very effective.

Is it difficult for you to answer at least one of the above-mentioned questions? This means that you work not quite well with your website, and it is not very effective.

Then we will try to classify your website.

Take a look at these categories. Try to include your website into one of them.

  1. To be in the trend - you have a website because now there are websites of all companies.
  2. Phone number - people come to your website to see the phone and call.
  3. Advertising and news - a lot of information (not always needful), but there is no clear guidance.
  4. The coolest one - you spent a lot of money on it, the website is beautiful, brilliant, bright, but it serves only for the prestige and not for sales.
  5. The seller – the website informs a buyer very well, tells about all the benefits of the acquisition of products, convinces buying.

What do you think, which of them should your website be?

I think everything is clear! The website should be the seller!

Then the logical question arises - who must the website sell to? You need to define your target audience.

Who comes to your website and needs your services?

You must clearly understand who these people are and what they want to get from you. You have to make a site not for yourself; the site should be made for your customers.

Then you need to find these people and bring them to the website. Where should you find them?

Once you clearly understand who the people who need your product or service are, the ideas of those sources where they can be attracted to your website from will immediately begin to arise in your head.

You will immediately begin to find thematic platforms where you can place banners. You will find partners that have your target audience, make the agreement on cooperation etc.
Then having compared their cost and efficiency, you will keep only those that bring you the most of the customers.

It is important to use consistently the channels of promotion that you have not yet used, being constantly searching for new, more efficient sources of traffic.

Further, when the flow of visitors is set up, you need to observe them carefully. There are tools for that.

Be sure to install the tools of analytics, such as “Google Analytics” and “Yandex Metrics”, analyze statistics and watch the visitors through webvisor. Watching the clients, you put yourself in their shoes and begin to realize what exactly you need to change and how you can improve the site.

Thus, you will increase the website conversion by several times.

Form some sort of client wish list. After its compilation, answer the following questions:

  1. What can you provide as soon as possible?
  2. From all this, what has to be done by yourself, and what is to delegate?
  3. What should be yet refused? Or what other options may be considered first?

It is essential TO TEST!

Never trust one particular option. Do A / B test and choose the best option.

Also think about how to make the website more convenient for the visitor.

- Whether to publish information directly on the site, or just enable the option of downloading?
- Is it easy to find the right data?
- Will user receive an e-mail?
- How are the texts perceived? Do they have illustrations and subtitles?
- How easy is it to fill in the contact forms? How many fields do they have? Maybe you should throw unnecessary ones?

Do everything possible for visitors, so they can easily find the needed information and be pleased with it?

But whatever satisfied with your website visitors may be, you need to keep in mind the main purpose - sales.

Ultimately, all the conveniences need to be rotated toward the order checkout or the appeal to call or write.

The perfect site - if it is easier for the visitor to buy something, rather than to leave without buying. It is significant that you have everything under control! First you have to identify the target actions on the website.

Targeted actions are the actions that the buyer carries, thus bringing you to the desired result.
For example:

-    Filling in the contact form with the manager;
-    Appealing to the online consultant;;
-    Subscribing to email-newsletter;
-    Downloading a price list or catalog;
-    Registration on the site as a buyer;
-    Adding Items to Cart;
-    Purchase of goods;
-    Re-purchase of goods;
-    Using the service of goods comparing;
-    Goods’ (or the whole website) “likes” in social networks etc.

Make the visitor want to perform the target action and your site will be effective!

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