How to double the orders from the website in 1 month

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Your first thought was “It is simply impossible”. Is not that right?

However, read this article and you will see that it is quite real. Of course, I will not claim that you can implement this for any business, but for most of those who do not work much with their websites, it is a real practice.

Let's divide the actions that you need to do into several steps for your clarity and convenience.

1.Find the obvious flaws and "holes".

They exist in every project. They are very clear in some projects, but sometimes you have to conduct a special analysis in order to find them.

There are certain unspoken rules in the creation of websites follow them, and you will not step on the standard "rakes" which has already met thousands of novice internet entrepreneurs.

I once even made a list of those items that should be on effective selling website (you can find this list in this course).

We can often see the seemingly well made website without obvious signs of defects, but there is one "hole" in which all traffic goes. Here are examples of standard holes:

  1. You cannot fill out a form (an error occurs)
  2. Broken link (error 404 occurs after clicking some important link)
  3. A technical error during the order (it happens too)
  4. Others.

Ironically, such errors may be present on the website for months and be noticed by no one until some conscious visitors notify the owner of the website that they cannot make an order. How do we determine such errors?

Firstly, once you start any functional test it by multiple browsers. Very often website owners do not even do it. Secondly, periodically review the behavior of visitors on your website. It is very easy to do with the heip of Yandex.Metrics tool - Webvisor. Third, look at the most common exit pages from the website. Usually they have some flaws.

Conclusion: by removing obvious holes on the website, you can increase the order rate for 10% -300% under the same terms. It depends on the state of your website.

1. Implement the standard and tested solutions.

There are certain tools that, being added on the website, can increase sales on their own. These are standard marketing tools. We divide them into several categories (I should say beforehand that here we have not all of the tools. The rest of them are here).

Remove the barriers to the order.

1. Phone number in large letters on each page.

2. Making an order in one click.

3. You only need a telephone or e-mail to make an order.

4. Others.

Additional sales.

1. Also purchased.

2. Supplementary products.

3. Recently viewed.

4. Etc.

The increase in the average check.

1. Show more expensive counterparts before ordering.

2. Free shipping for orders from.

3. The third item at a discount.

4. Etc.

There are a lot of such tools.

Conclusion: observe the “features” of TOP online stores. They know what they are doing. Do the same thing.

2. Efficient traffic attraction

It does not matter how well you improved your website - if it is not enough visitors, you should not expect big sales. So you need to attract visitors to the website effectively.

There are many sources, but most of them have very high prices. Attracting a visitor is usually worth 10-500 rubles and even more. In most cases, the prices are very high and usually advertising does not pay off, so you need to seek constantly more efficient and cheaper ways. I described how to find them in one of my courses.

Once you learn how to attract traffic effectively in order to be in the black, your business will take off just because it would be able to attract thousands of visitors to the website every day.

Conclusion: learn how to attract traffic effectively to your website, and your competitors will "smoke nervously in the hallway".

The general conclusion: double the orders on your site in a month is quite real, but you have to approach this issue comprehensively. Remember these three directions and concentrate on them.

And remember: if you focus on something, it will evolve!

Good luck!

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