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You have a website, or you are just going to create it, and you would like to know precisely what it should contain and what in any case it should not.

You need some kind of checklist, which you can look through and understand how to make the website convenient for the visitor, so he would want to buy something.

In the first part of the checklist, I want to offer you 21 important points that will help you understand how an effective website should look like. Read them and see whether everything is organized accordingly on your website.

1. The website logo is well seen and placed at the top of each page.

This affects the recognition of your brand.

2. There is a phone number on the website.

The visitor must have a way to contact you.

3. Phone number is located on the same place on all pages.

It is in order not to confuse the customer.

4. Phone number is seen on any page within the first 4 seconds of viewing.

No one will be looking for the phone number for a long time. It should immediately rush to the eye.

One should not guess what city you have your office in.

5. Website search is located on top of all pages of the website and can be seen within the first 3 seconds of viewing.

It is critical if you have a large catalog of products. If people do not quickly find a "website search", they would just leave.

6. There is a “Find” button.

It is also important for your website to have this button. Not everyone will guess to press “Enter”.

7. All the links in the text are underlined.

Links should be underlined in and of itself. Any designer thought must not violate this rule.

8. You cannot use the underlining not for links in the texts.

This rule is also important. If you have plain text - do not underline it. This may mislead the user.

9. The main background color of the online-shop should be white or light.

Firstly, it accelerates the website as a background picture is stunning the website. Secondly, white light is not off-putting, and the website seems to be friendlier.

10. All links to the feedback form or phone number are supplied with appeals like "Call us", "Ask a Question" etc.

It increases the conversion! Without appeal people will less likely do something.

11. Any page should not have more than 10 blocks.

The website should not be overloaded. In addition, each block should have a specific purpose. Never place something on the website without clear purpose.

12. Any page should not have more than 3 columns.

More than 3 columns visually look ugly, the content does not fit etc. In addition, more than 3 columns cannot be placed in small monitors.

13. The using of the same alignment everywhere on your website.

If you have text centered or aligned by a left edge, then do it so everywhere, and not try different styles in different places.

14. All images are provided with the “Alt” tag.

This allows you to understand what is in the picture simply pointing the cursor on it. Besides “Alt” Tag helps to get your picture in the top search results.

15. The font and background colors are contrasting.

This will make the reading of the text on your website much easier and make the design more enjoyable.

16. The animation formats like "falling snow" are not used.

This animation is only valid on the day of the New Year or any other holiday. On a regular day, it can irritate the visitor. Besides the animation slows down the website loading.

17. Page 404 is made in the website design and contains links to the main navigation page.

When a visitor arrives at a page 404 "Page Not Found" he falls into a screeching halt for 2-3 seconds. He then selects from two options: either to close the page and find another website or to find a suitable material on this website.

18. Any page of the website should contain the product offering.

Each page of the site must sell! Period!!!

19. At a minimum screen resolution (1024x768) scroll bar is missing when viewed in the major browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome).

This means that your website will be properly displayed on all main screens.

20. The website is equally displayed in browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome).

This means that everyone will see your website the same way. Without glitches and bugs.

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